Exped Arc Tarp

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Denne tarpen kan brukes alene (med og uten stenger), eller sammen med ett eller to telt.

«Arc Tarp is a protective cover for rain or a shady spot for sun. Use it to cover gear, bikes and visitors. Used with two poles, Arc Tarp creates a large, airy covered area. Without poles, it is a huge tarp. Width and height adjust – depending on configuration. Capacity:Provides full weather protection for up to 6 adults with gearWeight:Tarp only: 1. 05 kgTarp + front pole: 1. 35 kgTarp + 2 poles: 1. 55 kgPackaged weight:1. 85 kgMaterial: Ripstop polyester with fully taped seams. Thread is ‘polyester core, cotton wrap’ that expands when wet to fill needle holes in edgesPacked size:40×12 cmSetup time:2 minutesColors: Green and TerracottaLots of space with minimal weight: With little effort, Arc Tarp attaches quickly to most tents and creates added covered space. Ideally suited for use with Exped Sirius, Orion, Venus, Andromeda, Auriga, Southern Cross, Solestar, Venus III, Cassiopeia and Big Bear. Fast setup: slide one or both poles into sleeves and fix into the tension pockets. Secure the cord web to the tent with the mini-biners and stake down the guylines. That’s it! Fast set up: A cord running through loops at backside with numerous mini-carabines attaches easily and tightly to any ‘mother tent’. Reinforced guyline loops are set directly onto the pole sleeves for extra stability. Inner and outer guyline loops make Arc Tarp extremely versatile. Cord Stuffsacks eliminate the chaos of tangled lines. Fabric is ripstop polyester with a thick PU coating and factory taped seams. Fabric is also UV resistant, DWR treated and flame retardant. Besides being a tent extension or tarp with poles, Arc Tarp functions well as a lightweight traditional tarp, when the poles are left at home. Arc Tarp is the ideal family tent solution: instead of a big family tent, just connect 2 smaller tents with 1 or even 2 Arc Tarps. And when the kids grow older and want their own tent, let them have one of the small tents on their own.»



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