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Exped Synmat 7M
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Exped SynMat 9 LW

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The SynMat 9 does not reach the insulating properties of a DownMat 9 but offers the same high comfort, low weight, durability, and small packed size. The synthetic microfiber filling is less expensive than down. The warmth to weight ratio of our SynMat is superior to traditional sleeping mats.

Temperature: -13 °F
R-Value: 6.00
Thickness: 3.5 in
Length: 77.6 in
Shoulder Width: 25.6 in
Foot Width: 25.6 in
Weight Mat: 40.6 oz
Weight Packsack: 0.7 oz
Packed height: 10.6 in
Packed diameter: 6.3 in
Pack volume: 5.4 l
Product contents:
Repair kit
instruction sheet
Repair manual
Warranty: 5 years



L, LW, M, MW


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